The Reality of Next

Next actually began with a lot of travel. For about 18 months I had the opportunity to attend about 18 different WordCamps and 3 WordPress-related business conferences. This was my research; my opportunity to investigate if there was a place for my unique skill set inside of WordPress; something aside from development.

Now seems like the right time to let you in on a little secret: I could actually be a developer and it would have made life a lot simpler. I had built a few basic HTML sites before my girls were born and dabbled a little when they were young. In so many ways, development is like cooking. Add the right ingredients in the right order and you end up with a usable end product.

But development was always the thing my husband did. I’d spent a lot of my life being second to him. I was “just” his wife who stayed home. Funny how being a teacher is noble, but homeschooling still gets you iffy looks and judgey questions. Regardless, it didn’t makes sense to me to continue down a path where I’d always be second.

I was a unique individual with my own unique set of skills. The whole point of this venture was to find the best way to use them.

In the end, I learned that I didn’t exactly have a place IN WordPress. My place was actually alongside WordPress. I love working with language. I can write, edit, help make content creation more manageable, and create some resources to improve interpersonal communication.

But it wasn’t easy figuring this out. As the saying goes, I had to kiss a lot of frogs before I found my prince, or in this case, princes.

I “failed” at a number of things. Which actually means, they didn’t work out the way I’d hoped. I spent almost a year taking advantage of opportunities that came my way and mostly what I found was they weren’t the right ones. This was a rough stretch. No one likes to fall on their face when their getting started, but reality is that’s more likely to be the outcome.

Likely or not, it still hurts. And it’s still scary. And after a long stretch of life not working out the way I thought it would, it was hard not to just give up. After all, I didn’t even know if I was capable at doing the things I was trying to do. What if I had just picked the wrong path?

So while fear was blocking my ability to see clearly, I focused on the feedback I was getting from others I trusted. They saw potential. They saw reasons to move forward. They saw hope and opportunity when I couldn’t.

For now, I’m focusing on editing. It feeds my need to be creative and help others, without adding more demands to my still busy home life. Writing continues to be personal while content creation and communication resources are shelved for the future.

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