Naked on the Internet

A little sensationalists, and yet, absolutely true.  As I was writing the first pieces for my site, I had to think through just how personal I wanted to and, let’s face it, was willing to get.  Sharing your feelings is risky.  Feelings and responses are so easy to judge.

But this journey is personal.  It’s ABOUT my feelings and responses to what happens.  I can’t do any of this without being honest.  Really I’m not an exhibitionist, but recording this adventure without being transparent would be dishonest and pointless.  And really transparent is just a different word for naked.

We’re people.  People struggle.  The people in our life help us struggle.  Some times they even help us THROUGH the struggle.  We’re all running around naked, just some times we hide reality behind our clothes.

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  1. And we’re all just pretending to be adults!

    Man, did I tell you I have a 15 year old blog? I write it in maybe once or twice a year now…. I linked to it in my name there…

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